Salvador is the capital of Bahia, a state with the largest shore in Brazil. We are just 2 hours flight from Rio and 2:30 hour flight from São Paulo, if you come from abroad there is also direclty flights offered by Air Europe, TAP and Condor.

What is so different about Bahia and Salvador?

Bahia is the dream of all brazilians, every one wants to come and see the hapiness and hospitality of “baianos”. We have options that is very difficult to find in other states in Bahia: best beaches  and islands, one of the best trekkings in Brazil (Chapada Diamantina), culture (music, capoeira, samba de roda) and afro heritage in Salvador and Reconcavo Baiano.

Salvador is the capital with a colorful historical center that is well know as Pelourinho, with one of the best carnivals in Brazil. We are just close to some of the great atractions in Bahia, so you can also do some day tours while you visit Salvador (Reconcavo Baiano, Praia do Forte, Morro de São Paulo, Islands of Baia de Todos os Santos)

How about making a contact before confirming your vacation in Brazil? If you have not planned to add Bahia in your visit, for sure you have to review your plans. We can help you check our consulting services.