I am half Japanese and half Brazilian. I am the main tour guide of SKTour Like a Sotero. I am a Soteropolitana (**), a person born in Salvador. Our tours offer a different way to visit Bahia, checking local places in town, just Like a SoteroIt is a pleasure for us to work in Bahia, the soul of Brazil!

Once, I was  just a lawyer. I worked and loving traveling in my free time. Now I am a traveller and tour guide who can help you with legal issues in Brazil as needed.

I started working with tourism in 2006. I am truly in love with my hometown and the soteropolitanos.

Some of my clients have become my friends and this inspires me keep my project. I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank you and AXÉ!!!

(**) Soteroolitano is anyone that was born in Salvador. We can also say “sotero” , as an informal way, to mean a local from Salvador.